Rolling out the Green Carpet for the Most Responsible Celebrity



The International Green Awards™ as one of the first global awards programmes to introduce the ‘Most Responsible Celebrity Award’ to identify an individual who has used his/her media prominence to promote positive environmental behaviour. Adjudicated through a public poll, the category received phenomenal response and resulted in Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen being crowned the winner in 2011.

Each year since, we have opened a poll again with around 10 noteworthy individuals who have striven to make a positive difference and influence change.

Background to the ‘greening ‘ of celebrities internationally

Green celebrities

The Oscars are no doubt the biggest celebrity event in Hollywood, and certainly illustrious and a pinnacle of inspiration on fashion and other cues for the world over. Leonardo di Caprio made headlines when he drove to the Oscars in a Prius a few years back, and has now been joined by the likes of Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz and Orlando Bloom. This year, Livia Firth held media attention through her ‘upcycled’ gown and choice of Fair Trade jewellery.

In one night, eco-fashion and all things green became desirable.

Celebrities have historically been able to garner audience attention and interest – a facet that has only been intensified by the paparazzi and now, social networks. Celebrities can be powerful in influencing trends, beliefs and behaviour; as exhibited by the power of celebrity product endorsement. Through their media stature and public interest, celebrities are also in the unique position of promoting positive environmental messages, merely through their own example. Celebrities’ advocacy of ‘green’ lifestyles and vocalised support to the environment can generate widespread change, if even through audience’s imitation.

Your chance to have your say and Vote

The International Green Awards™ wants to showcase an advocate of environmental issues and sustainability, who has adopted and promoted responsible lifestyle choices. The Most Responsible Celebrity Award is not just for individuals who have given their time or wealth to charitable institutions, but who has inspired others by example. The International Green Awards™ researched a global list of green celebrities and their lifestyles to find a true exemplar in the public eye, who has demonstrated true commitment to sustainability.

We are now looking to applaud a celebrity who has used the limelight to be a true change-agent. He/she would be an individual who has demonstrated knowledge of environmental and sustainability issues with a pan-global outlook. The celebrity would have used his/her media stature to  exhibit and promote desirable environmental behaviour in the publics eye.

We have created a shortlist for the Most Responsible Celebrity Award and now, it is your turn to vote for who you think deserves to win this international accolade. This award gives you the chance to decide who and how popular figures influence wider audiences and who we should recognise for their contribution to date to promote the climate agenda, biodiversity, humanitarian and sustainable development issues.

If you have suggestions for a celebrity who deserves this accolade if they’re not  on one of our list of nominees let us know so we can include them in the next cycle then send a tweet to @GreenAwards with the hash tag #MostResponsibleCeleb .