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Livia Firth

Eco-preneur ; UK


livia firthLivia Firth has a fastidious commitment to sustainable fashion. She started the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) three years ago to bring the environmental and social issues surrounding clothing to the fore.

Her interest in activism runs deeper than eco-fashion, preferring to expound ethical consumerism which includes social issues and animal welfare, the nexus of which is being aware of what we buy. Livia also believes in “slow fashion”, she still wears clothes she bought 20 years ago and is a proponent of spending more on pieces to ensure they have ethical and sustainable origins.

To facilitate consumers in their hunt for ethical fashion, she edits the website Eco-Age, which stocks small designers and only sustainably produced pieces.

She regards flying as her biggest extravagance, extolling the virtues of recycling and home-growing vegetables on her Vogue blog.

Her clothing designs make sustainable fashion their focus, making use of materials such as organic silk, fair-trade and traceable gemstones and sustainably harvested ostrich feathers. The Green Carpet Challenge was Livia’s brainchild to highlight the need for fashion to lead a new wave of ethical clothing, and to promote recycling of clothing as normal and desirable, as well as the right thing to do.

Livia has encouraged well known brands such as Valentino, Armani and Tom Ford to get involved to help raise the profile of recycled and ethically sourced garments and set a new trend for fashion that doesn’t cost the world.