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Penelope Cruz

Actress; USA/Spain


penelope cruz

Penelope Cruz has been an active force in mobilising the Hollywood community to campaign on issues ranging from world poverty (RED and One campaign) to human rights and, more recently, she has joined the ecological debate.

A supporter of Global Green, she launched the Red Carpet/Green Cars Oscar campaign and is a leading advocate of its Greenest City challenge, which sees cities across the US compete to win a fleet of eco-friendly cabs. Penelope herself is committed to driving hybrid cars.

Penelope has volunteered in countries worldwide, including Nepal, Uganda and India, helping poverty-stricken and ill people around the globe.

Her work hasn’t all been performed overseas; she has spent time visiting former gang-members at the Pacific Lodge Boys’ Home, a school she learned about from Matthew McConaughey.

One 16-year-old resident felt so inspired after a 20 minute private conversation with her, he said, “I told her I didn’t want to do drugs anymore, that I wanted to be somebody, and she told me that I should do it, that I could do it.”

In February this year, Penelope Cruz became the latest celebrity to “give fur the cold shoulder’, appearing on a billboard on Madison Square, which coincided with New York Fashion Week.