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Pierre-Yves Cousteau

Marine Conservationist; France


Pierre Yves CousteauIUCN Goodwill Ambassador and dedicated marine conservationist Pierre-Yves Cousteau is founder of ‘Cousteau Divers’, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the marine world.

Cousteau Divers brings the legacy of Pierre-Yves’ father, Jacques-Yves Cousteau to life, helping divers all over the world contribute to the study and conservation of our oceans. As CEO and founder, Pierre-Yves uses Cousteau Divers, to unite divers to protect marine life.

“The protection of marine life is a complex and seemingly endless endeavor. It is also crucial for the well-being of our species to ensure that our oceans are healthy. I love the ocean and I go diving every chance I get. We, the divers, are the only witnesses of the state of the Sea, beneath its surface. We can unite to study and protect the Sea. This is the Cousteau Divers project.”


Pierre-Yves believes in the power of social networking sites to promote an environmental message. In a recent interview for IUCN he said “Ocean acidification has been known to science since roughly the time that facebook was launched. Look at which one has touched more people. Today, with new communication tools that empower every citizen to make his voice heard and act for the environment, the time has come to cross the threshold from awareness to action, and experience proves that entertainment plays a central role in shaping our habits. This is the focus of the Cousteau Divers programme. This is how I hope to help raise the profile of marine issues.”


As a Goodwill Ambassador, Pierre-Yves works with the IUCN to bring awareness to global environmental challenges and their solutions, particularly regarding marine conservation.