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Vivienne Westwood

Designer; UK


Vivienne WestwoodVivienne Westwood is a committed campaigner in the fight against climate change, caused by unsustainable use of the planet’s resources. She set up the Active Resistance project in 2005 to encourage engagement with humanitarian and environmental issues.

Westwood designed a T-shirt for the Environmental Justice Foundation in support of their “No Place Like Home” campaign for climate refugees. The campaign highlighted the injustice of the lack of aid for those forced out of their homes due to climate-related disasters.

Last year, Westwood pledged £1 million to help tackle climate change, claiming governments have been too slow to distribute funding for green projects. She donated the money after learning that only a tiny amount of the £4.2 billion committed to the World Bank’s Climate Investments Funds (CIF) has been spent. Her donation went to the charity Cool Earth who she is also working with to highlight the failure of the World Bank to release money from the CIF, established in 2008, to support projects aimed at helping developing countries confront climate change.

The designer recently unveiled her new Manifesto titled ‘Do It Your Self’, which suggests that fashion should be less about the recent move towards ‘throw away’ philosophies, where people buy cheap items and throw them away after a short period of time, and more about recycling, quality and utilising key pieces.