Our NGO partner  - WWF UK



WWF-UKResource loss, particularly biodiversity and species loss, is one of the defining issues of our era.

WWF is the world’s best known charity for conservation efforts, and this year, WWF celebrates 50 years of conservation efforts. WWF believes in an outlook where both people and nature can co-exist and thrive, within their fair share of natural resources.

Apart from their conservation efforts, they have been successfully working with business, government and communities to promote a ‘one planet future’. WWF also encourages transformational change and disruptive innovation from the business community and are showcasing some of the best efforts through their ‘Green Game Changers,’ initiative.

The International Green Awards™ are honoured to be associated with this visionary organisation and hope to raise awareness to further WWF’s work.

“It’s important to celebrate initiatives that drive us towards a One Planet Future – a future in which the production and consumption of goods and services flourish within the Earth’s ecological limits.”
Dax Lovegrove – Head of Business and Industry, WWF


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