International Business Leaders Forum

International Business Leaders Forum

Founded in 1990, the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) is an independent, global organisation working with leading multinational companies on the responsible business and sustainability agenda.


IBLF positions business as a lead partner in international development, helping the private sector work with governments, international agencies and civil society to overcome development challenges.


The organisation is supported by a network of over 100 of the world’s leading companies and provides strategic counsel, enabling them to understand and respond to the development challenges they face, particularly when operating in transition and emerging economies.


The organisation works across five main focus areas:
- Business Standards (anti-corruption, corporate governance, human rights)
- Environment (climate change adaptation and mitigation, International Tourism Partnership, technology for sustainability)
- Partnership (The Partnering Initiative, Partnership Brokering Project, partnering with companies)
- Human Capital (employee engagement, health, education)
- Prosperity (inclusive business models, Youth Career Initiative, employability, entrepreneurship)


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