Models of Success & Sustainability (MOSS)


Models of Success & SustainabilityModels of Success & Sustainability (MOSS) is Australia’s industry body for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. MOSS supports Australian business through education, training, networking and advice to drive sustainability and competitive business success.


Seeded as an initiative of Australia’s Inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Summit in 2005, MOSS was developed in consultation with key Australian stakeholders to foster responsible business, aid the professional development of CSR and sustainability practitioners as well as build capacity by providing mentoring and strategic guidance to boards and C Suite Managers.   Since inception MOSS has delivered over 150 events with hundreds of speakers covering an extensive array of topics from stakeholder engagement to energy efficiency and sustainability strategy.  We’ve also spoken at more than 200 other events across our region, helping to build capacity and share best practice.  We regularly host business delegations to major international forums such as the World Climate Summit, Green Growth Leaders Forum and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) had have either helped to seed and or commercialise an array of world class sustainability innovation.


MOSS will assist in driving and implementing the International Green Awards Sustainability Roadshow in Australia this year. More details are available on our summits page