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Advertising is a key medium to convey sustainability messages and prompt people to adopt new lifestyles in line with today’s environmental challenges.

The International Green Awards™ represent a great opportunity for agencies and advertisers around the world to show their commitment towards environmental issues through innovative and inspiring ads. UNEP encourages all participants to show that positive and appealing communications can contribute to behavioural change and ultimately to a better world for all.

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UN International Year of Forests

The UN General Assembly has proclaimed 2011 as the International Year of Forests (IYF).

International Year of Forest This celebration represents a unique opportunity to increase public awareness of the key  role forests and sustainable forest management play in building a greener, more equitable, sustainable future. The year-long series of events will build partnerships, showcase success stories and innovative solutions, and galvanize greater public participation in forest-related activities at all levels. Pinpointing one of our greatest natural resources, UNEP plans to further highlight the role of forests in national development and a green economy.

Watch ‘Branching Out for a Green Economy’, specially produced for the IYF, which highlights the important role of forests in national development and a green economy.



Visit the IYF website for more information and details on how you can support this initiative.