Green Prospects Asia (GPA) is a multi-platform publication that connects the growing community of sustainable businesses in Asia. Our monthly print magazine is available online and via Apple’s Newsstand app.


Our value propositions


• We highlight actionable ideas and projects in the greentech business ecosystem, so that stakeholders are informed of prospects both regionally and globally. We also produce white papers to supplement our content.

• We engage influential people and experts to present our readers with powerful insights to enrich the discourse on sustainable business.

• We aim to reach the eyeballs that matter. GPA is read by over 20,000 policymakers, business leaders, professionals, influencers and senior executives. We have partnered more than 30 green-related expos and conferences, working with reputable event organisers and government authorities in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Beijing, Tianjin, Macau, Jakarta and Bangkok. We reach some 60,000 people via electronic mail.


Sectors we cover


1. Renewable energy
2. Biomass & bio-energy
3. Recycling & recovery
4. Green buildings and eco-cities
5. Transportation
6. Smart grids & power management
7. Water management
8. Energy efficiency
9. Green financing
10. Ecolabels & standards services


We also report on climate change mitigation, clean industry and environmentally responsible business and controversial topics such as nuclear energy and the use of conflict minerals – as part of wider debates on finding responsible and sustainable solutions to rising resource demands.


The magazine is divided into four broad sections:


Case studies: This is the biggest of the four sections. It contains stories and profiles of projects and initiatives that use green technology, such as eco-cities, solar farm projects and waste recovery projects in large plantations. Developers, suppliers and contractors involved in those projects are named, so as to recognise them for their contribution that make green businesses successful.


People: Interviews with thought leaders, policymakers and industry captains in the green business ecosystem. Their views help influence decision makers.


Editorials: Opinion pieces, columns and feature stories on clean technology, climate change, sustainable development and relevant subject matters. This section is designed to provoke debate and thinking of new ways to solve problems. Thought leaders are regularly invited write for this section.


Information: Project announcements, tenders, new products and services, market entry conditions and new country regulations, policies and incentives.
Includes a news digest section, green events listing and reviews of books, reports and web resources on sustainability and clean tech topics.