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Tonic is, by definition, “anything morally, mentally, or physically inspiring.” It also sounds a lot like a fizzy beverage you would chug out of a laboratory beaker if you were in the business of drinking superhero potions.


Tonic seeks to inspire an entire movement of real-life heroes who want to share good and do good. Think of Tonic as your mission headquarters—kind of like a secret volcanic lair, without all the scalding lava mishaps. From there, you can zip-line to volunteer gigs, gather intelligence on what’s good out there, or target inequality with a well-aimed petition signature.


Tonic is a platform for brands (consumers, celebrities and causes) to educate, interact and engage consumers around positive actions. We started as a destination for good news content, now we want to generate news of its own by bringing together the worlds of Silicon Valley, Madison Avenue, Philanthropy and Hollywood.


At Tonic, we also see ourselves as a service company — one that strives not only to inspire our readers, but to equip them with the resources to make a difference.


“Out of the box ideas have been the genesis of some of the world’s most lucrative inventions. Props to the International Green Awards for rewarding creative thinking to tackle an issue that has an impact on every person on the planet. Tonic encourages everyone to do their part to help recognize those doing good for the green movement.”
Jennifer Birn – Managing Editor,