International Green Awards™ – An RSA Accredited Environmental Awards


The RSA Environment Awards Accreditation Scheme has been in operation for the past 10 years, with the aim of helping to differentiate the large number of award schemes currently in existence. It provides a mechanism with which to identify the best from the rest, giving recognition to those award schemes that meet a robust set of criteria and by doing so demonstrate high quality and validity.

It does this by accrediting awards to objective standards, ensuring that there is a benchmark for those that reward real progress towards sustainability.

Currently only 14 award schemes in the UK are accredited by the RSA and are the only feeder schemes that can submit entries into the European Commission’s biennial European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE). The prestigious EBAE awards play a crucial role in demonstrating progress on environmental and sustainable development issues worldwide.

The International Green Awards™ has been an RSA Accredited scheme since November 2008. This makes the International Green Awards™ one of the 14 RSA Accredited schemes, and gives our winners a chance to represent the UK on the European stage.