David Beer – Non Executive Director, IndustryRE


Dave BeerDavid has over twenty years of commercial, management and business experience. He holds a New Zealand Electrical Trade and Engineering degree. Over the last five years he has used his technical and commercial experience within the environmental sustainability agenda.


“Profitability and growth with negative resource impact is not only possible but it’s a must for all businesses to ensure we create a sustainable future. This requires innovation, technology, visionary thinking and entrepreneurs who can challenge traditional business wisdom. The INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS™ have constantly helped businesses push these boundaries and showcase real success stories. 2011 is no exception.”


With a particular interest in climate change risk management, David has advised blue-chip businesses on how to adapt to a changing climate. Working across sectors including FMCG, Finance, Oil & Gas, Mining and Energy, he has also helped companies of varying scale, and at different stages of their sustainable business evolution, to integrate sustainability issues into corporate strategy and reporting. Recently, David has supported the Guardian in launching their Sustainable Business platform and advised ‘Climate Change: The New Economy’ on their G8, CoP 15 and CoP16 publications.