Flic Howard Allen – Lead Sustainability Counsel, Hill & Knowlton

Hill & Knowlton

Flic comes from Marks & Spencer, a company in the spotlight, subject to comment and criticism from every quarter, all of the time. It taught her you have to know what you want to achieve, think quickly, make decisions and be brave.


Flic led the creation of Plan A, M&S’ environmental and social plan from a vague idea, to a programme recognised last year by the World Environment Centre, when it was awarded their 24th Gold Medal for Sustainable Development.


“CSR and sustainability has to be communicated in ways which are compelling and inspiring, in order to be a real force for change. It is important that we make heroes of the people doing this work and I am delighted to be part of the INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS™ which does just this.”


Twenty five odd years in business has brought home to her  the importance of leadership, that people who work together as a team can achieve truly astonishing things and that personally, ‘restless dissatisfaction’ sums me up.  Whatever you did last time may have been great, but you can probably do it better still the next.


Hill and Knowlton