9 New Carbon Trust Label Partners

Carbon Reduction LabelThe Carbon Trust announced nine leading companies will make up a new wave of partners to use the draft product carbon footprinting standard, currently being developed in partnership with Defra and BSI British Standards. The new partners and products are as follows:

• Aggregate Industries – Hard landscaping products (paving stones etc)
• Cadbury Schweppes – Cadbury Dairy Milk bars
• Coca-Cola – A sparkling beverage and a still beverage from its product range
• The Co-operative Group – 200g and 400g punnet Strawberries
• Halifax – Halifax Web Saver Account
• Kimberly-Clark – Andrex Toilet Tissue and Huggies nappies
• Marshalls – Hard landscaping products (paving stones etc)
• Mϋller Dairy (UK) Limited – One type of yoghurt from its product range
• Scottish & Newcastle – Fosters Lager and Bulmers Original Cider

It’s still very much in a trial and consultation phase, but nice to see it expanding. It’s interesting to see things like disposable nappies, carbonated soft drinks and chocolate bars on the list (just as crisps was an interesting choice originally). Gives the label a very different to the ‘halo’ of an organic mark.

Remember this label is a recognition of future carbon reduction plans: “The Carbon Trust launched the carbon reduction label in March 2007 with Walkers, Boots, and innocent, to communicate the embodied emissions of their products and a commitment to reduce their product’s emissions over a two year period. If the emissions are not reduced over this period the label will be removed.”
One side of the debate would say: Putting aside all other criteria, if you ARE going to buy something in one of these categories, then giving your money to these brands is (notionally) increasing the share of something working hard to get us on our way towards overall carbon emissions reductions. The other side would say: dont pave over your lawn (it contributes to flooding), dont eat sugary foods and so on.

Neither side would presumably have much objection to strawberries if local & in season.

I saw a presentation from the Carbon Trust today anyway and have nothing but praise for what they are trying to do, including the fact that they are very open to working out if it works or not.

Further information and quotes from the new partners at Carbon Trust Site.

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