Global Climate Week 21st – 25th September

Global Climate Week 21st - 25th SeptemberAs part of the Seal the Deal! Campaign, UNEP are leading Global Climate Week, which is planned to coincide with the United Nations Secretary-General’s High Level Summit on Climate Change on 22nd September 2009.

This important week and the lead-up weekend will be marked by synchronized activities in more than 100 cities to urge world leaders to seal a fair and effective climate agreement at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen this December.

Global Climate Week will unite efforts, whether individual or collective, calling for urgent action to combat climate change – the greatest challenge of our time.

Cities, organizations, groups and individuals are invited to mobilize their networks and join the effort.

The United Nations is also encouraging communities, businesses and individuals to add their voices to the “Seal the Deal!” campaign during Global Climate Week by signing the online Climate Petition, which will be presented to the governments of the world in Copenhagen, she said. The petition is available at

According to a statement by UN spokesperson, Michele Montas, “the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon is calling on communities around the world to take advantage of the week to encourage leaders to seal a fair, balanced and effective agreement on climate change.”

Montas stated that events have been planned in more than 120 countries “for this first Global Climate Week, which coincides with the UN Summit on Climate Change convened by the Secretary-General in New York, on 22 September.”

Be part of Global Climate Week

Enter your Global Climate Week pledge at Afterwards, share your activities with the world by uploading a report, including video and photos.

The Lead-up Weekend

Day 1 – Saturday 19th: Global Tree Planting Drive

Mass tree planting activities may actually help save the planet! Beginning on 19 September, each tree pledged or planted during Global Climate Week will carry the Seal the Deal! message – a direct call for political action on climate change. Let us know how many trees you are pledging to plant and where. The planting can be part of your Clean up the World activity.

Make sure tree-planters sign the Climate Petition at: The tree-planting drive is carried out in cooperation with the UN Billion Tree Campaign.

Day 2 – Sunday, 20th:  Climate Petition Day

Organize public events or online activities to encourage as many people as possible in every corner of the world to sign the Climate Petition. We need millions to show their support in favour of a definitive agreement on climate change by signing the Climate Petition, which calls on leaders to sign a definitive and equitable agreement on climate change this December.

Global Climate Week

Day 3 – Monday 21st: Climate Change Assembly Day

Young people around the world will hold peaceful assemblies in support of definitive global action on climate change, under the banner “Seal the Deal!” The Climate Petition will be made available online in a print-friendly format to allow campaigners to hand over a meaningful statement to their national and local authorities, urging governments to reach an agreement in Copenhagen.

Day 4 – Tuesday 22nd: Seal the Deal! Green Day

Wear SOMETHING GREEN to show support and solidarity for sealing the deal in Copenhagen on the day the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, hosts world leaders at a UN High Level Event on Climate Change in New York. Leaders will come face-to-face with the latest support for the Climate Petition.

You can also:

•    Arrange for a Seal the Deal! Support Day at work or school
•   Add a message to the Climate Wall Twitter, blog, or write an Editorial or a letter to your editor
•    Download the Seal the Deal! Screen Saver
•    Get creative and do your own thing to show support for urgent action to combat climate change!

Day 5 – Wednesday 23rd: Go Climate Neutral Day

Power down! Go climate neutral for the day in a personal show of support for a definitive agreement on climate change.

Countries, cities, businesses and organizations:

•    Pledge innovative action to lessen your carbon footprint.
•    Join the UN Climate Neutral Network

Communities and individuals:

•    Ride your bike, car pool or take public transport
•    Enjoy a candlelit dinner while you turn off the lights
•    Find ways to offset your carbon footprint.
•    Make a pledge and upload your action, photos, video, songs and comments at

Day 6 – Thursday 24th: Climate Voices Day

Join the global chorus calling on world leaders to act now to protect people and the planet, and to power green growth. Have your voice heard on climate change and acknowledge the heroes and victims of climate change, as well as the individuals and groups who are taking positive action to combat climate change in their communities.

Nominate your local climate champ at

Record your testimonial of how climate change is affecting you at the Climate Wall

Day 7 – Friday 25th: Climate Solutions Day

The latest science shows our climate is changing more rapidly than expected. But it is not too late to change our habits and implement solutions so that humans stop harming the climate. From low energy bulbs to fuel-cell cars, solutions for a low carbon future are evolving every day.

Showcase your green technology innovation and share it with the world at

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