GreenwashGreen marketing has become very important these past few years as problems around climate change have increased dramatically. Environmental issues have become crucial and action for a cleaner and safer world is now more than a necessity. While some profess a strong willingness to favour environmentally conscious products and companies, others use the green slogan to promote a misleading image of being environmental friendly with the objective of gaining sympathy and popularity amongst the public – the so-called “greenwashing”.

Despite all the efforts made by the marketing industry who tries to clean up traces of greenwash, we still find far too many cases of this practice that appear every day in the news.

Greenwash’s vague and ungrounded vocabulary often distracts the audience from the real issues surrounding sustainability or corporate social responsibility and also builds a negative connotation around the term ‘green’. In fact, many stop trusting claims made around green issues; accordingly to the “Accountability and Consumers International”, apparently only 10% of consumers trust businesses and governments regarding green related issues. That is why it is very important to promote general awareness regarding green issues; information is a very powerful tool which can be manipulated and it is our goal to prevent its manipulation and to search for the truth.

The global GREEN AWARDS 2010 take action by demonstrating the crucial role that needs to be played by green marketing and sustainability communications in informing people about green issues, products and lifestyle choices. In order to do so, they showcase examples of excellence and best practice in communicating sustainability and green issues throughout the world. The awards strongly believe that the effective communication of sustainability issues is fundamental to ensure the long term survival of human civilisation as we know it. Without the effective communication of environmental, CSR and sustainability issues there is little chance of attaining or aspiring to a carbon neutral world.

Winning a global GREEN AWARD is a great opportunity for businesses to strengthen brand’s reputation in a world where sustainability is not going to disappear and will grow in significance as the public demand organisations show their commitment to the environment.

Posted by Annette Boraks

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