Inspiring Examples for New Movie

An Inconvenient TruthCentury Films are an award-winning British independent film production company. We have been commissioned by Participant Productions in the US (the company who made An Inconvenient Truth) to make a feature-length documentary, for cinematic release, about new exciting environmental projects happening around the world.

This will be a high-profile film which takes Al Gore’s Live Earth event as a ‘spring-board’ to explore the most exciting and pioneering projects around the world which are addressing the threat of global warming. We are particularly keen to highlight grass-roots projects or campaigns started by ordinary but passionate individuals who have decided in their own unique way to tackle the climate crisis head-on.

As the film will provide an invaluable opportunity to inspire an international cinema audience we are consulting prominent environmental charities, organisations and individuals as part of our research. We would like to highlight stories that are not only new and unusual, but which will also engage an audience which isn’t necessarily already green-minded.

We are looking for stories in India, Africa, Latin America (Particularly Brazil) and the USA (including Alaska!).

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, or contacts for people, charities or organisations you think we should speak to in any of these places, we would love to hear from you. You can email or call on +44 207 378 6106.

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