Is Local ‘the Condom’?

Is Local 'the Condom'?I’m talking at Applied Green tomorrow morning. I was asked to talk about “research” and ts been a good prompt to review various surveys across the last year. I think what sings through the data more than anything is that people just really want to solve the (shocking, compelling, threatening, world-ending) problem of climate change. One interesting result is that many more claim to be buying energy efficient products than ‘green’ ones. people dont want to become green, nor want their brands to become green necessarily, unless that is (as arguably it can be) tackling the problem and at least reducing the threat.When AIDS impinged on our consciousness in the 1980s (arguably it was ‘the previous climate change’ in terms of public mass anxiety) we had protected sex. With climate change today; where is the condom?

I asked the Ecologist a similar question years ago and their answer was LOCAL. We have the ICT for local not to impinge on the free flow of ideas; I have dailky interactions with people on other continents which are often more meaningful than meeting someone eg at a conference, because we are sharing ideas. Perhaps you are reading this today somewhere else than London, of course.
just passing thoughts. I’ll post the Applied Green thing on tomorrow (I know how to embed flickr shows there) and hope to see a few of you there in the meantime.

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