Live Earth

Live Earth13.30 London, Live Earth concert just kicked off with the SOS Allstars. If it lives up to predictions the Live Earth concerts across the weekend will attract a 2 billion audience It’s undoubtedly going to be a big music event and anything which gives us the feeling that ‘the whole world is watching’ is valuable in itself; confirming and echoing the public will on this issue to companies and govs. What interests me is what this will mean; – what is Live Earth for? – what will be the key outcomes of the event? – what will it mean for the sponsors involved? I’m interested in the whole subject of sponsorship and green marketing overall; I have a journal article to write on this I’ve been asking around and there are mixed feelings. I saw Jules Peck yesterday and he told me that some of the public resistance on climate change is the growing impression that is is a brand fest (like sport and music have become) and in some ways about making things look good and making money. There has already been some interesting research published pre the event about a low general awareness of who is sponsoring (and arguably this may almost be a good thing in not over commercialising the whole show). Anyway lets see how it goes. It certainly feels like a big moment in a big year. Live Earth research report link

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