Oh What a Night

Oh What  a NightCongratulations to all the awards winners, those shortlisted, the speakers and organisers and actually everyone in the room on another superb event. It’s really important for movements to have these collective moments when we can celebrate achievements, applaud innovation and feel confirmed in our own work.I wont steal the thunder on who won what, if you were there you know, and if not there’s a press release being sent from Satellite’s office as I type. Instead here’s a few nuggets from Tony Junipers keynote speech (a poignant one for many people there as he recently anounced he is stepping down as director of Friends of the Earth after 18 years).

The green awards send an important signal about green issues moving from margins to mainstream.

We are the last generation with real choices to make on the future of this fragile planet.

It’s vital that marketing and advertising engage with these issues, to sustain the momentum for change, because as events show, public mood will always lead government policy.

This industry has been berated in the past for being part of the problem, but that is now changing – it’s now seen as a set of tools and practises which can also work to sustainable goals.

That’s the serious message, but it was also a night for celebrating, fun, meeting old friends and new ones, having random conversations in hallways and on pavements.

It was a big night for me too because I got the very first copies of my new book (The Green Marketing Manifesto) and got to give some signed copies out to lots of lovely people, including Tony Juniper.

Wishing everyone a restful weekend to recover.

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