The Green Awards 2008

The Green Awards 2008Well, it’s that time of year again. The Green Awards 2008 are only seven short months away. How time flies?

I decided it was high time I got stuck in and contributed more to this website. I will be writing the lion’s share of the blog this year, and will be inviting contributions from other people, as and when I run out of ideas, or get too busy with our numerous other projects here at Satellite.

Green Awards
For those of you who have previously attended the Awards, you will have noticed we have a new venue this year, namely The Brewery, near Barbican. Also, a big thank you to the City of London for the use of the Guildhall for the last two years. And who knows, we’re not ruling out a return to this historic building in the near future.

I’m sure the current elections for London Mayor has been providing suitable entertainment for the more politically minded readers of late. Being in my third year as a member, I was surprised to hear that the Green Party made an abrupt U-Turn and formed a voting alliance with Ken Livingstone, after a spell of vehement opposition on certain policies. The deal will encourage all voters of their respective party’s to choose the other as their second choice, should this become crucial in the all important count. This will, without doubt, increase the Green voice in City Hall, which can’t be a bad thing for us Londoners.

The following snippet of scientific news was brought to my attention by a friend t’up North in Macclesfield. This is Europe’s first commercially working solar power station. Situated just outside Seville, this monolith like tower is surrounded by an array of 600 mirrors, each focussing the sun’s rays on to the core, that in turn, generates steam that drives turbines. It kicks out 11 Mega Watts of clean, green energy, enough to power 6,000 homes. I hear that the wearing of good quality sun glasses is required when close by, so intense are the suns rays, and the maintenance team have some of the best sun-tans to be found on the Costa Del Seville…

Second Hand Furniture
I thought I’d give these companies a plug in my first Green Awards blog. When Satellite moved in to new offices last year, we resisted the temptation to buy new furniture, and decided to buy second-hand, making it easier on our overdraft, and thus fulfilling our commitment to the 3 R’s as well ( re-use ). We’ve been using ‘Want Don’t Want.‘ or all our office furniture for a couple of years now. They have some great bits and bobs for sale on their site, which is very user-friendly, as are Gillian and Michael over at the office. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, try Green-Works too. These guys are a not for profit organisation that take unwanted furniture from large corporates, and sell it on at a greatly reduced price. They also responsibly recycle all the unwanted tatt that can’t be re-sold.

Nice One Nike!
I got emailed something interesting from NIKE a couple of weeks ago. I used to be brand loyal to this sportswear company, and enjoyed their superb advertising immensely, until I found out about the manufacturing conditions of their workforce in places like Indonesia, and instantly boycotted anything with the famous ‘swoosh’ on. I’m pleased to see they’ve moved on quite a lot over the years, and have designed a range of shoes made from scraps off the factory floor. The rubber soles are also made from eco friendly materials, and even the boxes they are sold in will be made from recycled cardboard.

Inner City Tranquility
And finally, for those townies out there that sorely miss the sounds of the country, then short term relief is at hand. If you have a DAB radio, then search through the stations until you come across something called ‘Birdsong’. This is, apparently, a recently defunct station that has decided to carry on broadcasting, albeit the sounds of birdsong recorded one summer in the producers garden. Just turn on, tune in, and reeeelaaaax ! Ahhh……

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