Too Cool to be Green?

Too Cool to be Green?There is a bit of a backlash brewing in iPhone land it seems. the $200 price drop made people who bought at the original price feel a bit cheesed off. Now there is a $100 rebate. Quite a wrench on a million phones sold you’d have to guess. Check the commentary over at the fake Steve Jobs blog it’s been hilarious. I’ve wondered all along to what extent the iphone would be different or better on green issues than all the other apple products which landed Apple at the bottom of the Greenpeace ranking of the electronics industry three times in a row. Big screen, lots of new tech, power hungry, fashionable (& hence soon to be superceded by an ipod style array of ‘this season’s models’)… Well the jury is still out on that as far as I know – although see Greenpeace’s opening salvos here but there have been ructions about the enormously long printed paper bills from AT&T; story & obligatory youtube protest videos here nick burcher’s blogDeclaration of interest. I have done some work over the years with both Sony Ericsson and Nokia. And also O2. Although my real interest in Apple stems from the fact I’ve been buying them (or using them) religiously since I was 13, always under the assumption that they would be ‘quite good’ on this sort of thing. I wasnt the only apple user to be shocked by the greenpeace reports & subsequent Green my apple campaign.  Next time if things don’t improve, I’ll need to buy a Lenovo and sod what colour it comes in.

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