Water Rip Off

Water Rip OffWhat funny times we live in nowadays.  If you own a car then you’ll be undoubtedly smarting at the price of a litre of petrol, which, by the way, is now nearly as expensive as a litre of water. Can you believe it? Water! If you were to stop someone in the street twenty years ago and ask them to buy a bottle of water for £1.20 they’d look at you stupidly. Back then, water was for having a bath in or doing the washing up. We all drank Pepsi or Fanta anyway. My personal favourite was TopDeck Shandy. Anyone remember that? The only problem was we all become overweight drinking all that sugary, syrupy liquid. And it rots your teeth too. So, the solution? Water. You know, that stuff that comes out of your tap. Originally dressed up as mineral water in pricey glass bottles sold in posh restaurants, water is now available everywhere. In plastic bottles. Drinks companies have been quick to capitalise on a growing market trend and have made a fortune out of humble H2O over the past few years. The bottled water market is worth zillions. But the end may now be in sight.

Plastic bottles are the environment’s worst nightmare. They have a habit of finding their way in to landfill, and hanging around in the ground for a few hundred years. We are all continually being told to cut down on our plastic consumption, and refill, reuse or recycle. We are finally starting to see some sense though, and are now curbing our thirst for plastic. But this evidently doesn’t deter some companies from having one last stab at this rich aquatic market before the tide turns for good.

The latest offering from drinks giant Britvic called Drench, uses the fact we are 70% water and need the stuff for our bodies to work properly, especially our brains (aka Brains from Thunderbirds who also happens to be the star of their advertising launch). There’s also one from Norway called Isklar, whose icy faceted bottle looks absolutely stunning, but sadly, is still plastic. The company even goes as far to claim they’ve ‘borrowed from nature’ when bigging-up their plastic bottle on their website. What? Borrowed from nature?? Hang on, you mean all those naturally occurring plastic bottles that grow on trees around the glaciers up there in Hardanger!

Surprisingly, even our friends at Innocent are having a go. The aptly named ‘This Water’, which is I believe is a re-launch of their originally named ‘Juicy Water’ that failed to quench any market interest first time around, is a combination of……..wait for it…….. water and fruit juice, Oh, and sugar. You know, that stuff that rots your teeth and sends children in to Tasmanian Devil like energy fits, and as ‘This Water’ boasts on its website, “…is natural has been growing in the ground for hundreds of years”, just like crude oil ! So, in short, we are talking watered down juice with added sugar for £1.50 for a 420ml bottle.

Not so innocent after all…

Posted by Graham Lewis

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