What biodiversity loss looks like?

What biodiversity loss looks like?When looking for best examples of communications about Biodiversity, I came across this visual created by Julia Diel, a student of The Offenbach Academy of Art and Design (Germany). I think this striking image summarises well the risk we are facing with regards of biodiversity losses!

This visual was created in 2007 for a German campaign Schuetzt biologische vielfalt ( Protect biological diversity ) no longer available online….

“Biodiversity is considered a prerequisite for a functioning ecosystem, and human beings are only capable of surviving in such an ecosystem. The widespread extinction of species is thus a threat to our own existence. In general, however, people have yet to realize this. This campaign is designed to change that. In order to speak especially to people with little interest in environmental protection, the threat is discussed in terms of society. Politics, sports, music, and entertainment all work—just as nature does—only thanks to the uniqueness and the diversity of their protagonists and the interplay between them. When these groups are stripped of their diversity, this demonstrates the fatal consequences such one-sidedness can have and how important it should be for the future to protect biodiversity.”

Source: http://www.hfg-offenbach.de/w3.php?nodeId=3927&pVId=99392232

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