Janey Lee Grace

Janey Lee Grace, BBC Radio 2 presenter and author of the best seller book ‘Imperfectly Natural Woman – getting life right the natural way’ hosted the Green Awards ceremony on the 12th of November at The Brewery.

“I’m delighted to be presenting these awards to celebrate the best in an industry where things are changing rapidly. The holistic picture is important, and it’s changes from the heart of our industries that will make the big difference.”



Simon Counsell, Friends of the Earth

Simon Counsel

Simon Counsell has been involved in the environmental movement for over 20 years, formost of which he was worked to protect the world’s rainforests. After graduating in Environmental Science, he joined Friends of the Earth as a volunteer in 1986. He helped to shape Friends of the Earth’s rainforest campaign, including developing the ‘Mahogany is Murder’ campaign, writing several editions of the ‘Good Wood Guide,’ and coordinating the Friends of the Earth international network.


Simon left Friends of the Earth as a campaigner in 1995 to take a sabbatical year, during which he gained a Masters Degree in Tropical Forestry and Land use at Oxford University. He became the Director of the Rainforest Foundation in 1997, and has since led international efforts to protect the rainforests and their inhabitants, especially in the Congo Basin region of Africa.


Kaveh Zahedi, United Nations Environment Programme

Kaveh Zahedi is the Climate Change Coordinator at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) based at the Division of Technology, Industry and Economics in Paris.Kaveh Zahedi He is responsible for directing UNEP’s climate change strategy and programme. He also deals with the UNEP-UNDP-FAO Collaborative Partnership for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation. Between 2006 and 2007 Kaveh worked on the One UN initiative, managing UNEP’s engagement with the eight pilot countries where the UN agencies came together to deliver as one. He also handled UNEP’s involvement in the UNDP Spain MDG Fund which distributed almost US$100 million for environmental activities throughout the UN.

Peta Buscome, The Advertising Association

Peta Buscombe

Baroness Peta Buscombe, Chief Executive of the Advertising Association, was the Chair of the 2008 judging panel and was a Guest Speaker at the INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS™ ceremony.


“Too often environmental language is not accessible. Environmental solutions are essential to this and future generations, and our industry can play a powerful role overcoming communications barriers – it is our specialty. The INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS™ demonstrate the industry’s commitment to promoting positive environmental change and it is a great pleasure to chair the judging panel.”