UK’s Green Poet - Martin Kiszko


This year, the International Green Awards™ ceremony will showcase the UK’s Green Poet – Martin Kiszko – who will enthrall guests with his theatrical poetry performances themed within the environmental agenda!


Martin Kiszko is a composer and screen writer. He has composed over 200 scores for film and television and released eight albums with major European orchestras. His screenplays include the children’s fantasy Junkworld.


Martin Kizko / Nick ParketAs the UK’s Green Poet, Martin’s extremely theatrical and physical performances have been featured on BBC’s flagship children’s programme BLUE PETER, Bristol’s Festival of Nature, Greenbelt Arts Festival, BBC Radio 4’s programme Saving Species, BBC Radio Bristol, and as stand-up at THE BETSY in London. Recent appearances have included the Eden Project, 10:10 Environmental Awards Ceremony, Greenscreen Film Awards Festival Sheffield and Colston Hall 2 Bristol where Martin’s poems were accompanied by the Bristol Ensemble Orchestra. One of the world’s longest running comics THE BEANO has published one of the poems.


‘I hope these poems provoke a thought, raise a smile, start a conversation, spark an idea, spur us into action, or simply turn on a few ‘green lights’.


Martin has just recently collaborated with Nick Park, creator of Wallace & Gromit, to release a book titled ‘Green Poems for a Blue Planet’.  This is perhaps the first major collection of green poetry. Witty, whimsical, and thought-provoking, it consists of 56 poems highlighting the threat humankind poses to the future of the planet.  The book is brilliantly illustrated by Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park. The collection has proved to have universal audience appeal.


Watch him here