2012 Awards Ceremony

The 7th annual International Green Awards™ were held on Tuesday, 20th November at Battersea Power Station, London.


The International Green Awards™ is the leading platform for sustainability intelligence, leadership and innovation.


Sir David Attenborough - Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2010Launched in 2006 to critical acclaim, the International Green Awards™ were set up to recognise true global sustainability exemplars that have been innovative and creative in pursuing the sustainability imperative.  Over the past 7 years, the awards have enhanced their brand presence and now boast of an audience that includes global companies, governments and charities.


Each year, award winners are given due credit and recognised at a gala ceremony amidst. A ‘green carpet’ and ‘green tie’ affair, the awards night is now an established event on the global sustainable business calendar.  This year, the ceremony will be held at Battersea Power Station on 20th November 2012 featuring a champagne reception and three course dinner.


The night also sees the unveiling of the ‘Most Responsible Celebrity’, previously awarded to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and the Lifetime Achievement Award, won by Sir David Attenborough in the past. The awards night is an opportunity to meet 500 diverse and influential guests, network and have a great time!



About the Venue

Julian Hanford Photographer: INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS 2012 &emdash; IMG_8512retThis year’s,ceremony will be held at Battersea Power Station, London. It is an iconic structure, sometimes compared to the Eiffel Tower or the Chrysler Building in New York. It is not only the impressive art deco architecture or the 4 towering chimneys and brick structure that makes Battersea Power Station unique.
Julian Hanford Photographer: INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS 2012 &emdash; IMG_8777ret


Comprised of two individual coal power stations, the site provided for a fifth of London’s power needs and was the most thermally efficient at the time. Operational from 1933 – 1983, the site is now seen as a symbol of sustainable regeneration, with a number of redevelopment plans in the pipeline.


At the International Green Awards™, we see Battersea Power Station as a symbol of a positive shift towards cleaner energy – from coal in the 1930’s, followed by oil & gas and the necessary move towards a renewable and alternate energy future.

In the UN Year of Sustainable Energy, what better venue could there be to host the International Green Awards™?


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