Business Sustainability Summits


The International Green Awards™ organised a series of regional summits on the theme of ‘sustainable profitability’, with the objective of advising businesses on sustainability risks and their direct impact on profits.

This was an exercise to engage with business leaders and position sustainability as a smart business decision, not just a ‘do good’ check box.

With its international exposure and expertise, the International Green Awards™ is best placed to advise organisations on their current sustainability position and its impact on future business growth. These summits set out to challenge current viewpoints of sustainability being an additional cost and present this as a profitable investment, especially in the current economic scenario.

These ‘City Summits’ sought to help businesses improve productivity and the bottom line by providing practical solutions to business problems. Our regional format brought the best in education and innovative solutions to marketplaces across the globe. Through these regional summits, we aimed to share knowledge and create avenues for discussion and debate on business sustainability.

Key Points


  • One day conferences featuring global and regional thought leaders on one independent platform on building a truly ‘resilient’ business.
  • Targeted at senior business leaders and executive management
  • Assessed current level of compliance on a local, regional and global scale.


Past Cities in Focus (Could your city be in the spotlight next ?)


  • Dubai (UAE)
  • Townsville (Australia)
  • Brisbane (Australia)
  • Sydney (Australia)
  • Melbourne (Australia)
  • Perth (Australia)


If you would like to host this type of  event in your city in the future please drop with details for consideration.