About the International Green Awards™ 


The International Green Awards™ is the leading global sustainability platform for education, leadership and innovation. Over the past years, the awards have endeavoured to showcase best practice in sustainability to inspire and challenge others to exceed existing benchmarks.


In the last cycle the awards looked to recognise organisations that exhibited leadership and innovation in their sustainability approach. Organisations do not work in isolation and constantly interact with the environment. Traditionally, this interaction would imply the taking of natural resources and giving waste back.


Sustainability is not about saving resources, but is instead a mechanism to use available resources in a smarter way – that would guarantee future supply and profitability. It is now time for organisations to evaluate and understand their two way interaction with the environment and build resilient businesses. Some people call this ‘future proofing’ – we call this smarter business.


With tangible changes taking place across policies, climate, business models and market conditions, businesses need to ensure they have fully embed sustainability and they understand the 360 degree implications of these changes to grow, compete and gain market share.


Key Features of the last Awards which will be reviewed for the next one

1. It was ‘Free to enter’ to promote social equity and remove the barrier to entry.

2. A questionnaire was used with scores presented on a matrix that used two parameters:

Leadership – is your organisation leading the way in sustainability?
Innovation – what is your organisation doing differently?

3. Independent review of your sustainability strategy with feedback on current strengths and future areas of opportunity to enhance sustainability performance.
4. Sector and geographic reports with sustainability intelligence.

Entry Dates


Awards open: Next open 2015/16

Entry Deadline: TBC

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