Best Green Collaborative Initiative Award


Collaborative thinking and partnerships are the ‘next big thing’ – essential to compete, grow and achieve sustainability excellence.  This award goes to recognise creative approaches to sharing information, co-operation, open source innovation and partnerships through new business models or digital media initiatives. Collaborative methods are processes, behaviours and conversations that relate to collaboration between individuals or groups. These methods specifically aim to increase the success of teams as they engage in collaborative problem solving.

Specific Criteria to Consider


- Examples of diverse partnerships that have brought together a range of stakeholders to promote a sustainability focussed project or initiative.

- Collaborative partnerships that have recognised opportunities for change, mobilizing people and resources to create changes, developing a vision of long-term change and seeking support and involvement from diverse and non-traditional partners.

- Examples of building trust among collaborators; and developing learning opportunities for partners.

- Evidence of  partnerships  that have given communities or sectors a structure for organizing, planning, and implementing  ideas that otherwise would not have been possible.


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Best Green Collaborative Initiative Award – Entry Questions