Best Green Conservation and Biodiversity Award


This award is for projects that promote ecological consciousness. We know that profitability and growth with minimal resource impact is a must for all businesses to ensure we create a sustainable future. This requires innovation, technology, visionary thinking and entrepreneurs who can challenge traditional business wisdom.  We aim to reward a visionary organisation who has changed the way they and others now operate to reduce our ecological footprint.

The award will go to the best conservation or biodiversity initiative that protects natural habitats or species.  The project should accelerate the concept of valuing nature.

Specific Criteria to Consider


- Evidence of reduced negative impact on biodiversity, especially with respect to the sourcing of raw material.

- Demonstrated efforts to conserve natural species and promoting balanced eco-systems.

- Efforts to sustain biodiversity through proactive measures, aimed to replenish resources that have been used for business.

- Projects and initiatives that promote energy efficiency, waste minimization, pollution prevention, water conservation, and environmental stewardship.

- Honouring exceptional achievements, excellence and innovation for people who have worked hard to overcome challenges and threats to preserve the planets natural heritage, habitats and species.


To access the entry questions for this category, right click the link below and select ‘save as’.

Best Green Conservation & Biodiversity Award – Entry Questions