Best Green International Business Award (Medium)

Making real change that goes beyond ‘business as usual’ in your organisation requires real leadership, foresight and collaboration. This award class seeks to recognise truly outstanding organisations or individuals who can demonstrate true innovation, thought leadership and commitment to sustainability values that are integrated throughout the value chain. Through this award, we are aiming to recognise an organisation or individual who has gone beyond traditional thinking or ‘preaching to the converted’. Is your organisation at the cutting edge of change and a beacon that others aspire to follow?

Our prospective winners will have implemented real systemic change, through an initiative that is admired by peers and which other organisations seek to follow. Your organisation will have truly embedded sustainability thinking into its life blood to ensure a fairer legacy for future generations.


Specific Criteria to Consider


- Specifically for companies ranging in size from 51 to 1000.

- For any project, campaign or initiative from resource efficiency, carbon reduction or supply chain efficiencies that’s relevant to a mid-size/large corporate that redefines the way they do business.

- Demonstration of sustainability integrated as part of the overall business strategy.

- Engagement of employees with the cause of the environment, within and beyond the workplace.

- Regular reporting and publication of environmental data with independent verification and audits, coupled with strong accountability.


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Best Green International Business (Medium) – Entry Questions