Best Green Service Innovation Award

Bronze Partner – The Carbon Trust


The Carbon TrustThis Award is to recognise initiatives that incorporate a genuine sustainability benefit, whilst meeting consumer needs for services. We use the terms “green” and “sustainable” to refer to services, and practices whose manufacturing, purchase and use allows for economic development while still conserving resources, for future generations. The service must exhibit sustainability through the entire supply chain, including the marketing and communications for the product and aspire to be a standard others will follow and seek to achieve. As a service, it will provide all the tangible benefits people accept as standard but in a way that lowers the negative impact that may be embodied in providing the service.


Specific Criteria to Consider


- A truly sustainable service proposition, commercially and environmentally.

- An initiative that minimises resource use and shrinks the requisite supply chain, vis-à-vis those used in traditional services.

- A genuine ‘value-add’ proposition, demonstrated by performance relative to competitors.

- Examples of service providers whose pro-environmental behaviour goes deeper than theirmarketing department.

- Demonstration of efficient use of resources, minimising pollution, minimising damage toenvironment and society.

- Rethinking accepted forms of trade and purchasing, as well as delivery and implementation of services.


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Best Green Service Innovation Award – Entry Questions