Best Green Water Stewardship Award


This award is for a projects that promotes ecological consciousness. We know that profitability and growth with minimal resource impact is a must for all businesses to ensure we create a sustainable future. This requires innovation, technology, visionary thinking and entrepreneurs who can challenge traditional business wisdom.  We aim to reward a visionary organisation who has changed the way they and others now operate to reduce our ecological footprint.  This award goes to the most outstanding water stewardship project.


Specific Criteria to Consider


- For users and managers who are responsible water stewards, protecting and enhancing freshwater resources for people and nature.

- Practical ways of managing water around the globe to accept both responsibility and credit for responsible water management across the water usage cycle.

- For citizen, community and government initiatives that increase awareness of water management issues.

- This could be for Landowners and primary producers who adopt more sustainable water management practices, multinational and local manufacturers who develop new products and processes and complying with ‘best practice’ in terms of water usage or  environmental, economic and social organisations who collaborate to ensure responsible water usage and encourage best practice.


To access the entry questions for this category, right click the link below and select ‘save as’.

Best Green Water Stewardship Award – Entry Questions