Past Entry Information 

(Now Closed until 2015/16)


The International Green Awards™ has sought to recognise organisations that have exhibited leadership and innovation in their sustainability approach. Organisations do not work in isolation and constantly interact with the environment. Traditionally, this interaction would imply the taking of natural resources and giving waste back.

Sustainability is not about saving resources, but is instead, a mechanism to use available resources in a smarter way – that would guarantee future supply and profitability. It is now time for organisations to evaluate and understand their two way interaction with the environment and build resilient businesses. Some people call this ‘future proofing’ – we call this responsible business.

Previous Example of  Categories (Not current)

Sustainability categoriesOur partnership with WWF-UK sought to recognise innovation across products, services or business models through the WWF Green Game-Changers category.

Based on your organisation size and status, you could also compete in the following 6 categories:


Each of these categories was assessed across 8 sustainability indicators which should form the basis of any holistic sustainability strategy. We were looking to find organisations that have put some effort into each of these 8 areas to form their sustainability directive. These disciplines are:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Resources
  • Carbon
  • Supply Chain
  • Transport
  • Social Impact


Entry Process (Now Closed until 2015/16)

1. Create your account on the portal. You will be sent a verification link on your email.

2. Following verification, you will be able to complete the questionnaire online.

  • The questionnaire was divided into 9 sections.
  • You could save each the form periodically.
  • Complete and submit your entry before (Now Closed until 2015/16)
  • The awards team would monitor your progress and contact you if there is anything incomplete. Help is always at hand!


Following the close of entries, answers will be collated into scores and be subject to the judges scrutiny – which will decide the winner.