2012 Entry Categories


Most Sustainable Educational Institution


Sustainability is a dynamic concept, and it is important to inform future generations and empower them to make informed decisions for their own future. Education enables the diffusion of information through knowledge networks in any direction. It is about making sustainability part of everything a business does by embedding it in its values.

This award is to recognise educational institutions that have striven to increase sustainability awareness amongst children and the youth, removing environmental apathy, thus creating informed and responsible citizens. This category is open for participation to educational institutions including schools, colleges and universities.

1. The use of innovative and creative methods to impart education, thus engaging with children at every level.
2. Promotion of a ‘learning culture’, where information can cascade through different levels and involves children, parents and local communities.
3. Practical ideas enabling people to live more sustainably, through conscious choices.
4. Leading by example, through the implementation of sustainable practices across all our sustainability elements. Eg: installation of solar panels etc.

In order to support educational institutions, we have made the awards free for anyone to enter this year.