WWF Green Game – Changers


WWF-UKWe can’t face the challenges of tomorrow with the tools of yesterday. Sustainability includes a number of variables in an ever changing space and requires a steady stream of novel solutions.

This year, the International Green Awards has tied up with WWF-UK in a joint quest to find innovations in products, services and business models that can lead to more sustainable outcomes.

The ‘WWF Green Game-Changers’ category looks for bold and innovative thinking to inspire others and push forward the urgent transition to a more sustainable future. This category is open to any existing products, business models, partnerships or market mechanisms with the potential to game-change an industry and reap rewards for our planet and people too.

If your innovation meets WWF-UK criteria, it will be featured on the WWF-UK website and online networks. Alongside, your innovation will also be featured on the International Green Awards™ website. The overall winner of this category will also be recognised at the annual awards ceremony on 20th November 2012.

Visit WWF’s Green Game-Changers for inspiration and examples.

Entries for this year’s WWF Green Game Changers category are now closed. Shortlists will be available in October and the winner will be announced at this year’s awards ceremony in November!