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The Smarter Business platform was a unique way we were trialling to evaluate and assess organisations sustainability strategies and showcase the interdependence between the environmental factors and business performance.

By objectively assessing an organisation’s sustainability strategy using 8 key indicators – energy, water, waste, resources, carbon, supply chain, transport and social, the Smarter Business platform provided a standard scale of reference to benchmark sustainability performance.

Entry Process

1.  (Now closed until 2015/16)

2. Create your account on the portal. You will be sent a verification link on your email.

3. Following verification, you will be able to complete the questionnaire online.

  • The questionnaire is divided into 9 sections.
  • You can save each the form periodically.
  • Complete and submit your entry
  • The awards team will monitor your progress and contact you if there is anything incomplete. Help is always at hand!


Following the close of entries, answers will be collated into scores and be subject to the judges scrutiny – which will decide the winner.

Guidelines and information on the portal is available to download here.

For any queries, please contact info@greenawards.com