Waste is a by-product that occurs at various stages as a result of business operations, from manufacturing through to end consumer’s use and disposal. Traditionally, waste is examined as emissions (air), effluents (water) and solid waste / landfill (soil). This construct focuses on solid landfill waste, as the others will be covered in their respective constructs.

Landfills are the oldest and most widely used form of waste disposal. However, the increase in the amount of waste produced and the lack of landfill space has resulted in the need to find alternative disposal strategies and reduce waste production. Organisations are now engaging in projects that incinerate waste to produce heat and energy to power their operations and we are looking for more inspirational ideas.

We are looking for organisations who have initiated effective waste management strategies, including efforts towards closed loop systems to reuse and recycle. This would also include innovations in product packaging, leading to reduction in end consumer disposables or the use of compostable materials. The nature of waste disposed, hazardous versus non-hazardous, will also be of consideration.