Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions are incorporated into the agreement between Green Awards Ltd. (‘International Green Awards™’, ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘our’), and you, the Entrant. They cannot be varied except by express written agreement of the International Green Awards.



The following Selling Policy (the “International Green Awards Selling Policy”) sets out the terms and conditions.

1. The event attendee pays for their tickets by submitting their payment details and authorisation to us through one of the methods outlined in the entry and ceremony sections. We will collect the funds from the purchaser. Payment must be received prior to the event so that tickets can be issued.

2. In the eventuality of the event being rescheduled, refunds will only be made for tickets purchased prior the date stipulated. If the event is cancelled, ticket payment will be refunded within 30 days.

3. We will not be liable to refund any ticket prices for guests who cannot attend the event. If given sufficient notice, we will try and re-allocate the seat to another guest as nominated by you.


General Terms and Conditions

1. All work entered must be an accurate representation of the original, and must not be altered in any such way to affect the judge’s decision. You are responsible for any and all required intellectual property rights clearance of any work submitted. The International Green Awards will not accept any liability for any third party claims regarding infringement of intellectual property rights.

2. Entries are encouraged from any UK or international company or organisation that has demonstrated their commitment to ethical, sustainable or green behaviours. Individuals and micro enterprises are also invited to enter the Awards.

3. Agencies can enter campaigns on behalf of their clients, but the client will be recognised as the entrant. The agency will be recognised for its work through the Agency Winner logo, but the Award trophy and mention will go to the client. However, agencies can enter campaigns produced to solely promote themselves or their environmental practices, where they will be recognised as the client.

4. Work that has been produced specifically for the Awards will not be accepted.

5. All entrants agree to their work being published worldwide without reserve by the International Green Awards for publicity purposes.

6. Entrants will incur bank charges and any transaction fees that may be involved in the process of submitting payment for award ceremony ticket purchases. This also involves any currency conversion charges.

7. All organisations will be subject to VAT on ticket payments unless a VAT Exception number is supplied. As per HMRC law, VAT is chargeable on payments outside of the UK as the Awards ceremony Gala night is being held in the UK. 

8. All postage and courier costs must be paid in full by the entrant for any supporting material sent for evaluation.

9. Recorded delivery is the best way to ensure receipt of any material posted to the International Green Awards. In all other instances, we cannot guarantee receipt or acknowledgement.

10. International Green Awards reserves the right to withdraw an entry from the judging process at any time if the entry is deemed inappropriate for any reason.The International Green Awards decision is final. 

11. The person named on the entry form will be the person contacted by the International Green Awards if they are successful. Notification that an entry has been successful is confidential between the International Green Awards and the winning entrant and is made to the entrant in order to ensure that they are represented at the award ceremony. No announcement or disclosure must be made by the entrant of fact it has won an award prior to the public announcement at the Awards ceremony.

12. If the name of the nominated contact person changes, the International Green Awards must be contacted immediately.

13 . Finalists and winning entrants may be required to provide additional information upon request from the International Green Awards. You licence the International Green Awards to use all intellectual property rights as may subsist in the work entered for the purpose of the International Green Awards, including but not limited to, publishing in any media format and use of quotation from you as to the value of the Award to your business.

14. The judge’s decision is final and cannot be appealed or contested.

15. The International Green Awards and all its Intellectual Property remains the sole copyright of Green Awards Ltd. These rights will be enforced under the jurisdiction of English Law and all claims will be pursued as appropriate.

16. If for any reason Green Awards Ltd decides to make material changes to or cancels the event due to unforeseen circumstances, Green Awards Ltd is not responsible in any event for any expenses incurred by the ticket holder, including but not limited to airfare, travel, accommodation or other costs. In the event that Green Awards Ltd cancels the event, Green Awards Ltd will make a full refund for the face value ticket price only.

17. These terms and conditions shall be governed in all respects by the laws of England and Wales, and both parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

18. Winners will be allowed to refer to the fact that they are winners and use the International Green Awards logo in their own publicity materials for a period of 3 years from the date on which they receive their award.

19. The entrants acknowledge that the International Green Awards events is organised by Green Awards Ltd but that catering and the event venue is provided by a business or businesses unconnected with Green Awards Ltd. Green Awards Ltd therefore accepts no liability in respect of issues arising with catering or venue and all such claims shall be directed at the relevant business.


Privacy Statement

1. Green Awards Ltd. respects the privacy of every individual who visits the International Green Awards website or our entry portal. As part of the registration process, we will collect your email address to send you information pertinent to the International Green Awards. We will not disclose any personal information or contact details that you submit on our websites to any third parties. However, if you do not wish to be contacted, we do provide the option of unsubscribing from our database and lists.