Ethical Team – Inspiring Sustainable Business

Sustainability Communications Consultant  Iain Patton launched Ethical Team to “Inspire Sustainable Business”. A consultancy to leverage the most influential global sustainability experts to deliver 21st century business solutions by helping companies and organisations incorporate ethics into their organisational DNA, become compliant, adopt sustainability values and navigate the increasingly complex ethical landscape.

We’re living in a new paradigm although for many, they still have a foot in the old way of thinking. Increased knowledge about climate change and the environmental damage of businesses’ operations on our world has garnered a meteoritic growth in social movements through the power of the internet and accompanying digital revolution. These new movements and the increasing whistle-blowing phenomenon are mobilising citizens internationally to take direct action to protect our resources and to ensure we actually have a future worth living for.

The new era demands a new model of enlightened and adaptive governance that embraces and reconciles both commercial and sustainability realities into one seamless funnel of action. But few can afford the luxury of a comprehensive team with the depth and breadth of expertise required to face these challenges as part of their internal resource.

To that end, Ethical Team offers a fluid agile and dynamic ‘outside in’ solution – The Pill in three forms. SMART, ACTION and LIVE. See

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