International Green Awards is currently on a sabbatical


Dear all,

Iain Patton here, CEO & Co-Founder of the International Green Awards! The International Green Awards is currently taking a well deserved sabbatical whilst we  restructure the programme it to be more relevant to the world we now find ourselves in.We’ll hopefully be back at some point in the future with a revised programme of activity as a social enterprise in some shape or form. The last event took place in 2012.

The International Green Awards is about all of us. We believed that by educating and enlightening the world and by showcasing creative, inspiring and innovative individual, business, and government initiatives we could work together for a society where sustainable outcomes were the norm. To make this happen we need to work together, support each other and make the dream of the International Green Awards a reality once again. Over the last 9 years this incredible community has proven us right every single time that we can strive for a greener or more equitable future. And one that’s worth living for so that future generations are proud of us.

If you’d like to help be part of a future relaunch drop me an email at iain@greenawards.com


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