The Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2010, the INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS set out to recognise an individual with the undying zeal to champion sustainability with the inaugural ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’. And who better to honour than the world’s biodiversity champion, Sir David Attenborough, who accepted the honour with an inspiring speech.

Sir David Attenborough is Britain’s best loved naturalist, with more than 50 years of broadcast experience especially through the BBC Life series. By virtue of the Life series, he is well known and respected globally, and the world’s leading natural history programme maker. It would not be wrong to label him as the leading authority on nature and wildlife, and an inspiration to generations of documentary film makers. With a pan-global outlook towards biodiversity and sustainability, Sir David Attenborough was the best choice for the inaugural ‘Green Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the International Green Awards  2010.

In the fifth year of its production, the INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS opened the competition to worldwide participation – in a quest to truly find the most exciting sustainability campaigns. 2010 being recognised as the ‘International Year of Biodiversity’, it was imperative to purport a strong message of biodiversity and sustainability. Sir David Attenborough was perhaps the most ideal honouree of this award, pertinent to his creative use of broadcast media to generate interest in the natural world.

The INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS’ ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ recognises exemplary efforts in the practice of sustainability messages. Furthermore, the message itself needs to be creative enough to have engaged a large audience and promote a change towards more sustainable behaviour. This is an Award to recognise dedicated and committed efforts to making a positive difference in the way we live and treat our environment. In addition to using communication to effect change, this Award recognises an attempt to inspire leadership and innovation within society, business and government. In other words, the Award recipient would have demonstrated past accomplishments and forward thinking to advance the notions of sustainability in every possible way.

Sir David Attenborough’s commitment towards the natural world, spanning five decades, is a commendable achievement. At the eve of the 2010 launch of his new two part series, ‘David Attenborough’s First Life’, the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ was the best recognition for his noble efforts.

In 2011, the INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS will honour another exemplary and inspirational public figure for his/her commitment to sustainability. Watch this space for more information on this year’s honouree!

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