Brendan May – Founder, Robertsbridge Group and UK Chairman, Rainforest Alliance


UK Chairman, Rainforest Alliance

Brendan May is Founder of the Robertsbridge Group, a consultancy formed by sevenleading sustainable development thinkers. In recent years Brendan has advised some of the world’s largest companies and brands on sustainability and communications issues.


“Until companies change not just their behaviour but their tone of voice, using their communications and marketing budgets to drive behaviour change in favour of the environment, sustainability will remain low down the list of priorities for many consumers. Organisations that produce bold, edgy and disruptive green communications deserve recognition. The INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS provide exactly that.”


He is also UK Chairman of the Rainforest Alliance, where he serves on the global board of directors. Brendan was Chief Executive of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) from 1999-2004. In 2004 he founded Planet 2050, a communications and sustainable development agency, and was its Managing Director for 5 years. Brendan is a Contributing Editor to Ethical Corporation.


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