David Mason – Head of Communications, Forum for the Future



David Mason Forum for the FutureDavid is a specialist in sustainability communications with a background in news journalism and digital media strategy.


He leads communications for Forum for the Future, the non-profit organisation which works globally with business and government to create a sustainable future. His role is to maximise its impact by getting its work into the hands of people, worldwide, who can use it to create change.


“We need to inspire people with the vision of a sustainable future. It’s not just about making the rational case for a low-carbon economy that delivers quality of life, we have to paint a picture of a world which is smart, exciting and full of opportunity. We need great communications to do this, so it’s exciting to see the International Green Awards highlighting the campaigns which are leading the way.”


He has achieved national and international coverage of projects, such as: the Sustainable Cities Index, which tracks progress on sustainability in the UK’s biggest cities; Climate Futures, which explores how climate change may reshape our world politically, economically and socially; and the Sustainable Shipping Initiative, a global coalition which aims to transform the industry and includes some of its biggest names.


His team produce creative materials to engage an audience of professionals working in companies, central and local government, NGOs and academia around the world. They range from eye-catching reports to vivid animations, practical toolkits, microsites and mini-dramas.


Previously he was chief reporter and deputy news editor for the Press Association and European Correspondent for the Express. He launched Reuters’ online news service in the UK and its global sports news service, and he commissioned the BBC’s first broadband video news service for international viewers.


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