Diana Verde Nieto – Social Entrepreneur, Change Maker and Author


Diane Verde Nieto

Diana was the Founder & Group CEO of Clownfish, a global sustainability communications agency that she set up in 2002. She took the company from a niche, London-based consultancy to a global brand known for innovative thinking and creativity in the sustainability and communications fields. In 2008, Clownfish was acquired by Aegis Media, a global media company. In 2010, Diana stepped down as Clownfish’s CEO to set up Gecko Ventures, an impact investment company with offices in London and Singapore.


“The INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS is a great platform to raise awareness, influencing and rewarding the brands that pioneer the field and that are embracing sustainability. The power of social media has made impossible to communicate something that you are not doing without the risk of being found out.”


In 2011, Diana was nominated as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. She writes and contributes to articles and books on sustainability and impact investment, and is a regular speaker at conferences around the world.


Diana has been trained by Al Gore at the Climate Project, and serves as an advisor to many companies, governments and non-governmental organisations.