Gabrielle Lovering – Head of Design, BBC Worldwide


Gabrielle Lovering is a designer, innovator, entrepreneur and all-round nature lover. She passionately believes that by understanding human behaviour, we can design a better world.


Gabrielle is the co-founder of Provoke, one of New Zealand’s leading digital agenciesGabrielle Lovering, BBC Worldwide specialising in user centred design. Formed in 2001, the company quickly established a reputation for delivering award-winning digital solutions, carving out a commercial market for innovative experience design across challenging verticals including emergency services, communications, banking and business enterprise.


“The key to understanding human behaviour lies with understanding what motivates us, not just as individuals, but across the human race. Only by truly appreciating what drives us as a group, can we influence on a global scale. The INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS celebrate corporate creativity and innovation in sustainability. They are an important reward for brands and companies bold enough to forge the difficult path to progress.”


In 2006, Gabrielle moved to the UK and switched to the media industry for a role at BBC Worldwide. She currently heads up the Strategy, Digital, Global Brands and Marketing design team, working with emerging business teams to help develop consumer-facing products and marketing for web, social and mobile platforms.


In recent years, Gabrielle has been applying her experience to help anchor and navigate digital business strategy through our rapidly changing, socially-moderated world. Although an intimidating space for traditional businesses, she relishes the opportunity to experiment with product development, harnessing the insight and power provided by the behavioural patterns of a demanding global community.


Gabrielle studied Zoology and Design at university with a focus on Ecology, Animal Behaviour and Human Factors Design.


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