Malcolm McIntosh – Professor of Sustainable Enterprise, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia


Malcolm McIntoshDr Malcolm McIntosh FRSA is Professor and Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia and is Visiting Professor of Human Security and Sustainable Enterprise in the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, Coventry University, England; Visiting Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Bristol, England; and, Professor Extraordinaire, Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He has previously worked at the Universities of Warwick, Bath and Coventry. Malcolm is Deputy Chair of the UN Global Compact Network Australia and has served as a Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General’s Global Compact in New York. He is a member of the PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) steering group and the Milan-based EABIS-funded GOLDEN for Sustainability council. He has served on the boards of AccountAbility, GRLI (Global Responsible Leaders Initiative), and the Bath-based Envolve partnerships for sustainability. His latest books are: SEE Change: Making The Transition to the Sustainable Enterprise Economy, Sandra Waddock and Malcolm McIntosh (2011) and New Perspectives on Human Security edited by Malcolm McIntosh and Alan Hunter (2010).

“We are in the midst of the next human revolution – learning to live sustainably on planet Earth. It is a time of immense change, great learning, and of re-seeing the world. This requires understanding the limits to current social and economic systems in order that we can move forward. This fundamental shift is essential if we are to develop socially just, Earth-centric communities wherever humans live. This shift requires not just new ways of seeing the world but new ways of thinking about how we see the world, in other words a shift in consciousness.”


He has worked on sustainability, corporate responsibility and ethics issues for nearly thirty years building cross-sector partnerships for learning and co-creating a future founded on the principles of social justice, sustainability and organisational responsibility. Often overlapping he has had careers in business, peace research and the media, including working for BBC TV for ten years, part of the time in the Natural History Unit. He currently works in partnership with the UN University in Tokyo, the Eden Project in Cornwall, and various multi-national companies and international NGOS around the world.


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