Anne Maree Huxley - Founder and CEO, Models of Success and Sustainability (MOSS)



Anne-Maree is a highly regarded business and community leader with a focus on Business Innovation and Efficiencies, Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainable Development.

Her career spans across Media, NGOs and Charities, all levels of government, SMEs and blue chip multi-nationals including Samsung, Sheraton, Du Pont, Coca-Cola and Lion Nathan, through to large scale low profile sporting events such as the Third World Masters Games (world’s largest multi-sport event in history with 23, 600 athletes aged 25 – 100 from 78 countries participating in 30 sports at 110 venues with a volunteer force of 5000) through to high profile sporting events such as the Sydney 2000 Olympics.


“As the head of the industry body for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in Australia, I’m delighted to be on the judging panel and to support the Awards program across the Asia Pacific Region. There is some fantastic work being done in every corner of the world in both large and small organisations and we are delighted to be to play our part to share best practice and cross fertilise ideas.”

Anne-Maree hosted Australia’s Inaugural Corporate Responsibility Summit in 2005 and has since founded Models of Success and Sustainability (MOSS), the Trans Tasman industry body for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. MOSS provides education, tools, training, networking and advice to transition business to drive sustainability and competitive business success.

Anne-Maree hosts business delegations to various international sustainability forums, is a Founding Director of the Carbon Trade Exchange which provides the world’s first end to end electronic processes for voluntary and regulated Carbon Credits, is a former President of the Australasian Sponsorship Marketing Association, Chair of the Live N Learn Foundation, judge for the Financial Review Partnership Awards and UN World Environment Day Awards, and was one of first 150 people in the world to be trained by former US Vice-President, Al Gore as a climate leader. She has also been named three years in a row as one of the Top 100 Global Sustainability Leaders.